Facelift Surgery

Understanding Facelift Surgery

When is the right age to get a facelift? How young is TOO young? One patient recently asked me this question during a consultation and was shocked when I suggested that some individuals get the procedure done as early as their 40’s.

Dr. Wolf was in the first group of eight U.S. physicians initially trained by the originator of the Saylan S-Lift Facelift technique.

The truth about facelifts is that they can reverse youth from a particular time period, meaning that if you wait until your 60’s to get a facelift, your facelift can only reverse your aging so far. However, those patients that want to maximize their aging as much as possible will start earlier so that they can preserve their results for as long as possible.

See how the MACS Facelift Procedure can work for you

” I noticed my friends looking at me – wondering how I’m looking younger.”
—-Julia Daugherty

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