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What is Laser Lipo Plus?

Dr. Wolf’s Rejuvenation Center is a cutting edge leader in advanced outpatient cosmetic surgery procedures. Our center is proud to announce that an innovative angle on liposuction, which we coined Laser Lipo Plus. The classic tumescent liposuction procedure – invented and taught by Jeffrey Klein – uses small liposuction cannulas (tubes) to remove fat using a local anesthesia.

It's standard practice to use cannulas to remove the fat directly underneath the dermis (skin) to stimulate improved skin retraction. The Blugerman cannula was a major advanced in the world of liposuction surgery, this tube has raised projections that disrupting fat so it may be more quickly extracted from the body. This device hyper stimulates skin retraction and produces a more desired, smoother post-surgical result. In addition to delivering improved liposuction results, this device is also effective in treating cellulite and reversing any asymmetries (imbalances) caused by liposuction.

Laser Lipo Plus Before and After

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In recent years there has been an emphasis on laser techniques which are utilized to tighten the skin. One of the concepts is fractional resurfacing. In this procedure tiny holes produced by a laser penetrate the dermis producing an injury which leads to skin retraction. In the neck area even these advanced techniques can lead to scarring. The MTS roller device was developed as a mechanical means of stimulating dermal remodeling and producing skin tightening, without the risk of laser induced thermal damage. Instead of providing a laser thermal injury, multiple fine needles produce a micro-injury to the dermis.

Laser, recently, have been a very popular technique to firm up the skin. Fractional resurfacing is one procedure that uses lasers. Fractional resurfacing works two fold. The laser light removes fine layers of skin, softening skin texture and lessening the look of fine wrinkles. Fractional resurfacing uses a laser to penetrate the skin in order to create tiny holes or wounds. The injuries that the laser causes stimulate collagen renewal at the site of the wound. As the holes begin to heal, new skin cells begin to form at the site, which gives the skin a smoother and softer appearance.

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Laser Lipo Plus is truly unique because it combines tumescent anesthesia techniques, laser application to subdermal fat and deep dermis, classic small cannula liposuction, Blugerman fat disruption and subdermal stimulation, and Microneedle Therapy System (MTS) roller to stimulate superficial skin contraction. There is no other practice, that we are aware of, that uses this exact combination of advanced surgery techniques.

In order to maximize your results, we also use a specially designed camera that monitors the temperature of your skin during laser treatments – ensuring that your skin doesn’t go above 42°C (107.6°F). Any temperature above this can risk the laser damaging superficial layers of the skin.

We invite you to experience Laser Lipo Plus system and all of its beautiful results!

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