Fat Transfer

For those patients who are worried about having an adverse reaction to cosmetic treatments, fat transfer is a viable alternative. Fat transfer is the process of removing fat from one area of the body and injecting that fat into another area. Fat transfer is as safe as it is versatile; the procedure can be used for smaller, localized areas or in conjunction with other procedures, such as liposuction, which encompass larger areas.

Fat transfer involves three separate stages. First, the fat is harvested by using specialized tubes, called cannulas, which remove fat cells from the area. The fat is then prepped and processed in order to be later injected.

The second stage is the injection. Injecting fat into a problem area is not as easy as placing the fat, loading it into a syringe and depressing the plunger. New fat cells need constant nourishment in order to survive. The injection uses smooth needles to deliver layers thin threads of prepared fat in order to ensure that the new fat can receive the proper nourishment, which is needed for its survival. The smooth needles help to keep any damage to the existing tissue to a minimum. The Brazilian Butt Lift (starting at $4,250.00) is a well-known and popular procedure which utilizes this technique.

One can never be allergic to their own body, so using this procedure is ideal for problem areas such as wrinkles along the side of the mouth (marionette lines), laugh lines (nasolabial folds), nasal jugular fold depressions and flat, depressed facial scars ( atrophic acne scars). Fat transfer is useful for undoing the effects of a botched liposuction procedure, as well as providing an alternative for breast augmentation.

As ideal as using the fat from your own body is to beautify your appearance, unfortunately, it’s not without a downside. Although the new fat is injected close to the surrounding cells for maximum nourishment, only your body can decide the amount of new fat cells that will remain alive; however, scientists are diligently working on perfecting this technique in order to eradicate this flaw.

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