Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Overview

Cosmetic Surgery Dayton Ohio:

The signs of aging can clearly be seen in the face as sagging jowls, and fat, loose turkey-gobbler skin within the neck region. Although these are natural parts of aging, these effects can be reversed. The solution to these anatomic changes is the Face and Neck Lift. Dr. Wolf was in the first group of eight U.S. physicians initially trained by the originator of the Saylan S-Lift Facelift technique.

Advances in this technique-MACS lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) provides even more dramatic results and patient satisfaction has been high. This technique provides excellent rejuvenation of the face and neck. It is performed using local anesthesia in Dr. Wolf’s Office treatment facility. Hospitalization is not required.

Facelift Surgery

WHY would anyone start facelifts in their 50s? This was a question asked of me recently during a consultation. The patient was amazed that some individuals have facelift as early as their 40s and wondered why this would be done. The truth is that any facelift technique can only reverse a certain degree of aging. Those that start early have a full reversal their aging and are likely to continue facelifts in the future to maintain the look that they desire.

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Mole/Lesion Removal

People often wish to remove moles because they can be visually unsightly, as well as for medical reasons. Dr. Wolf caters to both concerns as moles are first biopsied and then medically examined by pathologists to rule out any health conditions. Next CO2 lasers are used to shape and soften the edges near the biopsy site for excellent healing.

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Dayton OH Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Raymond Wolf